Vieux livre

Thursday, August 5 &
Friday, August 6


Morning in the Americas

Afternoon in Europe and Africa

That’s right: “Translate in...” is back.
We’re not letting a global pandemic get in our way.

Because this summer—exceptionally—we’re moving online!

Join our 8 instructors from 5 countries and 2 continents this August to become a better translator. As always, we'll be focusing on translation proper—the craft, the writing, the skillset. And zeroing in on what we view as the most exciting area for future growth: that place where successful translation is above all effective communication, not word substitution. 

For this year's event, we've distilled our regular two-and-a-half day “Translate in...” format into two half-days, timed to coincide with morning in the Americas and afternoon in Europe and Africa.
But we've kept all the features that make this training event unique: 

Advanced workshops and presentations: 2 tracks, EN-FR and FR-EN.

Opt for one or the other—or switch around. It's up to you.
(And it couldn't be easier: one click and you're in.)


2 translation slams with 2 experienced translators

  • EN-FR (François Lavallée vs Marc Lambert)

  • FR-EN (Chris Durban vs Grant Hamilton)

Word Rescue mini-sessions 

A translation contest 




Laurence Cuzzolin


Lillian Clementi


Martin Hemmings


Chris Durban


Marc Lambert

Grant Hamilton


François Lavallée

Dominique Jonkers